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 With six core technologies, we propose the best system.

We have expanded our business into a wide range of fields from the development of part units and devices to the line design by making full use of the technology related to the motion control such as "servo control technology," "system solutions", "cabinet design technology" and "mechatronics".
With these four comprehensive technical capabilities, we have embarked on unique "marine" products and nanotechnology-related devices on our own brand.

 Motion control technology (Opens and closes by click

 Evolution of the servo is the technology cultivated by our history.

We have tackled the forefront servo technology such as the development of the digital command servo since we released the transister servo drive in the 70s. Then, we are providing the "Cuty-Axis" "Si-Servo" series which are unique at present, too, to the customer. We have had a lot of opinions from many customers who have used them for a wide range of applications. We receive them as feedbacks and continue further evolution.

 Servo Products

 The introduction of the servo business

 Mechatronics (Opens and closes by click )

 We provide the control units which fit customers' needs the best.

We provide the control devices which fit the request of the customers by special design of the hardware and the software. Also, if you would like the configuration of a commercially available controller, do the system configuration and construction of software including the proposal on the basis of our diverse experience.

 Mecatronics Products

 System solution (Opens and closes by click

 From the building to the last boot

Where there is "manufacturing", there is a variety of "devices", and where there is a "device", there is "control". As for the system solution business, we propose the flexible, low cost and unique system construction according to every customer's requirements and specifications.
Based on a variety of experiences, we support our customers from system solutions to the final boot by composing the flexible system, usability first operation-oriented screen structure and the reliable safe systems on their background.

 Introduction example

Sequencer program design

Sequencer program design

Control and information network construction

Control and information network construction

Touch panel screen design

Touch panel screen design

Servo / Inverter control

Servo / Inverter control

Line drive control

Line drive control

Updating the control panel

>Updating the control panel

 Business Results

Paper industry

• Fan pump
• Slitter equipment
• Coater auxiliary
• Headbox instrumentation
• Unwinder
• Winder etc.

Control and information network construction

• Carrier device
• Plasma cutting equipment
• Uncoiler
• Leveler feeder etc.

LCD industry

• Glass transport device
• IC mounting apparatus etc.

Semiconductor industry

• Ingot cutting apparatus
• Wafer cleaning equipment etc.

Casting industry

casting industry
• Centrifugal casting machine
• Material feeder etc.

Public works

Public works
• Dehydrator
• Concentrator
• Scraper etc.

 Nanotechnology (Opens and closes by click

 Our motion control technology will support the super-advanced technology.

Various motion technologies are used for the semi conductor related-apparatus and the nanotechnology / MEMS related-apparatus. We complete those delicate motor control units and the controller apparatus with the in-house products, while accumulating the know-hows with added values.

 Motion control products

 Marine technology (Opens and closes by click

 We have provided to our customers the forefront technology as marine products.

We have developed and provided squid fishing machines, tuna longline machines and so on for our customers for many years. The technologies have been equipped with the most advanced technologies such as the communication-network technology, servo control technology and remote centralized control by the panel computer, as well as of the industrial machinery of the land. As for the application environment, because they are exposed to much more harsh environment than that of the land, we reflect the technology to the devices of the land. This is our history, and the accumulation of these technologies has become our current foundation.

 Marine product

 Introduction of the marine business

 Sheet metal technology (Opens and closes by click

 We provide the design, the arrangement design of the sheet metal casing.

Recently, mechanical design also becomes important, and requests from our customers have been diversified, because the control panels are considered as one of the mechanical design. To respond to these requests, we are designing and proposing the value-added control panels and the control devices such as the cabinet design which pleases the customers and the components selection and the components placement according to each standard.


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