The panel integrated type controller


It is a PC-like highly functional panel integrated controller which adopts Windows CE as the OS.
Free screen design can be constructed even by the customers. Further it realizes to control a wide variety of machines by our motion engine and the PLC function.
In addition, the installation of MECHATROLINK-II enables you to build a compact system with reduced wiring.


1. Building a real-time system with Windows CE 4.2!

Windows CE
FA applications require a high real-time property.
Windows CE is a "scalable operating system that combines real-time property", which was developed for embedded devices by Microsoft Corp..

2. Easy ladder edited with PLAD! "On site, quickly, easily"

Using PLAD (our ladder editing software) enables you to edit ladder "on site, quickly, easily".
We provide PLAD free of charge.

3. Equipped with a rich interface with an emphasis on extensibility!

Windows CE
It is equipped with an Ethernet, the MECHATROLINK-II, USB ports, a CF card slot, serial I / Fs, I / O ports, and an expansion bus.
Moreover, installation of a variety of expansion boards and softwares is possible.

4. Compatible with MECHATROLINK-II! Easy wiring! Wire-saving!

The fieldbus for motion control MECHATROLINK-II makes it possible to connect all the servo drive in one wiring.
Precise synchronization control and high-speed control between the servos can be easily realized, and it can connect up to 16 axes.

5. Resistant to vibration! Safe to sudden power-off! Excellent environmental resistance!

It is resistant to vibration, and the OS won't be broken in case of sudden power-off because a Flash rom is adopted.
It combines a high environmental resistance since it does not use the vulnerable equipment to vibration such as a hard disk.

6. Easy data backup with using a USB memory!

Since two ports of the USB interface are mounted, you can easily use the storage such as USB memory for data back up.

7. Outstanding openness! Screen software, PLC can be constructed even by the customers!

Because Windows is installed, customers can easily develop applications (VC).
We provide the development environment free of charge.


 Basic Specifications

Ambient temperature Operation temperature 0 to 50℃
Storage temperature -20 to 70℃
Humidity 30 to 85 ℃ RH or less (no condensation)
Power supply DC 5V±5% (2.0Amax)
DC 12V±5% (0.8Amax)
Atmosphere Without corrosive gas, dust or the like
Cooling Natural air cooling

 Functional specifications

CPU SH7750R (SH4) 240MHz
OS Windows CE 4.2 (Japanese version)
Memory FLASH ROM 32MB (For OS storage)
SDRAM 64MB (User area: approx. 40MB)
SRAM 128KB (Battery backup is possible.)
Display TFTpanel、VGA (640 × 480 dots / 64K color)
Touch panel Analog method, Resolution: 12 bit
Calendar Clock Dedicated battery: lithium battery (CR2032) ± 2 minutes / month
Audio Buzzer output
Interface Field Network Mechatrolink II
Ethernet 10BASE-T (1 port)
USB USB1.1 host (2 ports)
Correspond only to storage class
Full-speed (12Mbps)
Supports Low-speed (1.5Mbps)
Serial RS232C / RS422, 485 (select with switch)
Memory card CF card slot (1 slot)
Expansion bus Mounting × 1 option board (private bath)
General-purpose I/O port Rated voltage 24V±5%
Input Number 4 (photo coupler)
Input current 5mA
OFF voltage 5V and below
Output number 4 (photo coupler)
Maximum load 50mA

 Motion specifications

Maximum number of control axes 16 axes
Transmission cycle 1msec (1 to 7 stations), 2msec (8 to 15 stations) , 4msec (16 to 30 stations)
Command system Position command, speed command, torque command, inverter instruction
Feed Positioning, linear interpolation (simultaneous 16 axes), circular interpolation (select 2 axes)
Helical interpolation JOG, homing, manual pulser (2CH)
Command unit Pulse
Maximum command value ± 2147483647
Speed command unit pulse / sec
Acceleration and deceleration function Linear, asymmetric, S-shaped, index
Correction function Backlash compensation, pitch error correction

 PLC specifications

Program method Relay symbol system
Input-output control system Refresh method
Program memory FLASH ROM
Program capacity 65000 steps
Arithmetic processing speed Basic instruction 0.25μs / step
Constant scan 5-200ms (1ms units)
Basic instruction 24 types
Application Instructions 83 types
Input (X) 1024 (X0 to X63F)
Output (Y) 1024 (Y0 to Y63F)
Internal relay (M) 16000 (M0 to M999F)
Indirection register (Z) 8 (Z0 to Z7)
Special relay (E) from E200
Timer (T) 1024 (T0-T1023)
Low speed (1000ms), medium speed (100ms), high speed (10ms)
Counter (C) 1024 (C0 to C1023), 16-bit up counter
Data register (D) 14000 words (D0 to D13999)
System reserved area
D14000 to D14999: user input area
D15000 to D15999: user output area
Master Control Relay (MC) 8
Battery backup Data register, internal relay and counter area are set by the parameter.
(It requires a external backup battery.)
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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