Business bases & Facilities

 The Head Quarters and Servo Factory (opens and closes by click

It has the administration section, the design section, the marine division, and the factory which is manufacturing and checking such as the servo-related products and small controllers.
In the design section, hardware development is carried out with about 50 units of CAD including the three-dimensional CAD, drawing CAD and PCB-CAD, and approximately 20 software designers develop them as charge of each product.
Servo factory

 The Administration Building

As a point of contact for our customers, we recieve the product orders and perform the production instructions and parts purchase to the factories in a lump.
本社 管理棟


There is a showroom to display our products on the 2nd floor of the administration building.

 Technical Building

By using the latest 3DCAD, hardware and software design is being performed to develop the in-house products, the system products along customers' requests, and the small product units.

technical building
technical building

 Technical Building Facilities

Category Facilities and equipment
Fast / Burst Analyser FNX-AX3 B50
Spectrum Snalyzer N9320A
Noise Simulator INS-420
Static Simulator ESS-2000AX
Digital Torquemeter TS200,TS-3200A
Torque Converter TS-2700
Torque Detector SS-005, SS-020, SS-050, SS-100, SS-500
Digital Oscilloscope TDS5054
Digital Rev Counter HT-5100
Power HiTester 3194
Cramp Meter 8283

 Servo Manufacture Group

Servo Manufacture Group is manufacturing and checking unit products to the main force such as the in-house products Si servo, Cuty AxisIII, and Cuty Aligner which are developed in the design section.

Moreover, we are manufacturing mechanic products such as Spray Coater, Para Robo and the Squid Fishing Machine and so on, and manufacturing small and medium type control panels according to the customers' needs.


Substrate inspection machine

 Qualifications and the number of Qualified people (Servo factory)

The electric-equipment assembly technician Electric-equipment assembly [The 2nd grade]:1
Electric-equipment assembly (Sequence control) [The 2nd grade]:4
Electronic circuit connection technician Electronic circuit connection [The 1st grade]:5

 Servo factory facilities

For Manufacturing
Category Facilities and equipment [numbers]
Hot Marker CTK [2]
Cable Stripper Zoken [1]
MK Electronics [1] newly introduced in 2012
Schleuniger [1] newly introduced in 2012
Automatic and Half Automatic Crimping Machine Honda [1]
Union Machinary [1]
Half Automatic Crimping Machine [2]
※The applicator [JST,AMP,HRS,DDK,Sumiko Tec]
For Inspection
Category Facilities and equipment [number]
Cable Checker [1]
Board inspection systems Marantz [1] newly introduced in 2011
In-circuit tester TAKAYA [1]

 Kiyoji factory (opens and closes by click)

There are first and second factories on the site of about 3,300 square meters. Mainly we perform sheet metal processing and control panel manufacturing in these factories.
In addition, because these factories are surrounded by beautiful scenery and clear stream, we equip environment-friendly powder coating facilities and no drainage system.
Kiyoji factory

 Sheet metal group

Based on the design data released by the design section, sheet metal products are produced consistently in the process of processing, welding and painting on the 1st floor.
It is delivered to the manufacture group which is the next process after the sheet metal completion.
We produce and sell sheet metal itself as well.
Kiyoji factory

Kiyoji factory

Kiyoji factory
Kiyoji factory

Kiyoji factory

Kiyoji factory

 Qualifications and the number of Qualified people (Sheet metal group)

Factory sheet metal technician Factory sheet metal [High grade]: 1
Machinery sheet metal work [1st grade]: 3
[2nd grade]: 6
Numerical control turret punch press sheet metal work [1st grade]: 3
The coating technician Metal coating work [1st grade]: 2, [2nd grade]: 1

 Sheet metal group facilities

For Sheet Metal
Operation Facilities and equipment
Deployment processes and blank
CAM creation 
Sheet Works
Dr. ABE Blank
Bending CAM Creation Dr. ABE Bend
Blank precessing
(Punching, laser)
Bender operation HDS-1303NT
Stud-welding GUNMAN1000II
For Coating
Line / Facility Facilities and numbers
Automatic preliminary-treatment line  
Automatic coating line Composition coating [Plating and air drying]
Powder coating  [Powder coating gun (Landsburg ):2]
Drainless processor  

 Kiyoji manufacturing group

The sheet metal which was manufactured by sheet metal group is delivered to manufacturing group which is the next process and it is concluded in a product based on the drawing by the design section.
We are meeting the customers' wide needs from the small control panels, NC heavy current electric boards, to the large-sized system boards in addition to the in-house products.
Kiyoji manufacturing group
Kiyoji manufacturing group

 Kiyoji manufacturing group facilities

For manufacturing
Category Facilities and equipment [numbers]
 Cable stripper KODERA Electronics [1]
Automatic and Half Automatic Crimping Machine JAM  [2] 
※Applicator (JAE, AMP, HRS, HONDA)
Hot marker CTK [3]
For inspection
Category Facilities [numbers]
Cable checker NAC CORPORATION [2]


Plottage 7998.6 ㎡
Total floor area 1st factory 2925.4 ㎡
2nd factory 2886.4 ㎡
Staff parking 3192.5 ㎡

 Marine factory (opens and closes by click

This is the factory of elite corps that "the experienced craftsmen" undertake manufacturing, checkouts, packaging, shipping, repairing and maintenance of Squid fishing machines and tuna longline machines and so on.
We visit customers and do the commissioning work as well.
Marine factory

Squid fishing machines

Squid fishing machines

Squid fishing machines



Plottage 3060.0 ㎡
Total floor area 1st factory 346.4 ㎡
2nd factory 277.6 ㎡
Staff parking 1500.0㎡

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