ImpFlex Essential

ImpFlex Essential
Low price UV nanoimprint apparatus

ImpFlex Essential

This is the nano-imprint lithography which attracts as the next generation microfabrication technology with high miniaturization, low-cost, high throughput compared to the conventional photolithography.
This device is a low-cost model that was carried out thorough cost down based on the high-end model ImpFlex.
Despite it is low-cost, imprint engine has been inherited from high-end model that realizes low residual film and film thickness equalization.

1. Adopting the same imprint engine as ImpFlex which has low residual film, and high film thickness equalization.
2. Low price has been achieved by thorough cost down!
3. Corresponding to the bubble erasing gas process!
4. It can correspond to the various mold !
5. It is possible to upgrade with the rich options!


1. The highly accurate structure transfer

Because "SOFT stage" by unique parallel-mecha achieves a delicate transfer operation, the minimal transfer defective and nano level pattern molding are possible. In addition, it is possible to irradiate UV uniformly with the newly developed LED light source, and it achieves a low edge roughness.

2. Corresponding to the bubble erasing gas process

This device is ready for the bubble erasing gas process (option). You can suppress the occurrence of bubble defects in atmospheric imprint by bubble erasing gas process.

3. Compatible with various molds

It is possible to transfer from the mold size from 10mm up to 90mm.
In addition, as for mold material, such as Ni electroforming is also available other than quartz. (Option)

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